Devout Hayley - Vienna SC

iref 170

This is my second version of deck originally made by @lostgeek (

The only change was to ditch some tech cards (Dummy Box, Artist Colony and Atman) to get more speed with 3 diesels. Deck won against Titan, Argus and ASA and lost to AgInfusion, after I lost Batty psi game in front of tithonium and got breakers trashed, and Argus.

Overall, deck is really fun to play and you should try it if you like playing Hayley. Big thanks to lostgeek for posting it.

28 Apr 2019 Longi

Hey Honza, congrats on the result. Those Khusyuk Hail Mary runs really are something :) You and LostGeek really know how to steal a win with it:D Next time I will be prepared;) Keep running.

29 Apr 2019 lostgeek

See? You shouldn't have ditched the Dummy Box ;-)

No but more honestly, I believe those are the right calls if you don't expect any Rigshooter / Fake Points in your meta. Diesel is definitely the right call for the deck.

Congrats on the finish!

12 May 2019 iref

Hehe, yeah :) I kinda forgot that Tithonium is a thing, especially in AG. :) Diesel is really nice because it gives you bigger chance against rushing decks, which are quite popular around here and your khusyuk setup is faster.

Thank you for coming to czech SC and for building this fun deck :)

12 May 2019 iref

Also Falsified Credentials is great card, more people should play it :)