Zerg 419 (4th @ SC Aachen)

Klopstock 615

This list is a slight variation of CableCarnages Protoss 419 list. I included a Feedback Filter for a Datasucker, because I just like having the safety net versus net damage grind decks and I also cut one Blueberry Diesel (which was a little painful, but I didnt see any better cut) for a Flip Switch as Mti- and Surveyor-Tech. Naturally, I didn't install any of the two cards even once on the day. The deck went 3-2, beating AGInfusion, Suicide Asa (the official deckname, given by Cluster Fox himself) and Fast Advance/Glacier-hybrid Titan, losing to Sportsmetal Combo (a terrible matchup) and Blue Sun Glacier in time, which would have likely been a victory had I had ten more minutes to finish it. Considering the new MWL, this will probably be one of the best Runner decks around, Stargate is a massive boost if you can spare the 3 influence, since it allows easy R&D lock with this deck.