Smoke (3-4 Euregio 2019)

hlinks 23

3 May 2019 Cluster Fox

I tried to replicate your deck from memory and ended up pretty close. I remembered you had Paperclip as restricted and decided to go Corroder instead so I could slot Film Critic (because big barriers you can Pelangi anyway, and Corroder is fine at dealing with the little ones).
I ended up going for Peace in our Time over Stimhacks but I guess either is fine, I included a Feedback Filter for net damage games and then Peace is a bit better.
I forgot you played Career Fairs, I went for Clot and a Legwork. I also snuck in an Akamatsu Mem Chip and a "Freedom Through Equality" for better Khusyuks.
Thanks for the games this weekend, great seeing you again as always :)