Hammerspace! (MWL 3.2) (1st SC, 5-1)

greyfield 3407


Why have one win condition when you can have all the win conditions??

It's very simple:

Plan A: You're Weyland. Rush 'em. #alwaysberushing
Plan B: So they nabbed one of your Global Food Initiatives? No worries. Just hit them with Punitive Counterstrikes until they weep.
Plan C: They were rich that turn? Well, they won't be rich forever. Just get that GFI back with SEA Source-Exchange after they spend all that money.
Plan D: Nothing to exchange because they're taking your Hostile Takeovers out of R&D? Well, they must really love your Data Ravens. Might be time for them to become a High-Profile Target.

When you’ve got free search, why not be able to pull figuratively anything out of your bag of tricks? Having an Atlas counter with this deck makes you feel nearly invincible.

(So why not play the deck out of Titan? Because if Project Atlas is the glue, Outfit money is the horse that glue came from. Wait, hang on, that came out wrong. Because Titan decks are poor, okay?)

The Colorado crew agreed to run the SC under MWL 3.2 a week early, which is good as otherwise I would have jammed Mti.

The deck went 5-1 on the day, beating Geist, Lat twice, and Leela twice, and losing to a third Leela. One win was with Punitives, two wins were Exchange of Information, two wins were scoring. HPT did nothing on the day but it was nice people lived in terror of Data Ravens. If you’re feeling fancy you could switch Oaktown for Armed Intimidation for yet more schemes. A third Mausolus is probably worth it over Hortum 2 or Afshar 2.