Oracle May 2019

johno 585

It's a crim deck with Oracle May and 38 events tbh.

Mulligan for Hostage or May herself and get her down. Then call event every turn. Play Special Orders on sight to get programs out of your deck. Probably start with Engolo since in a pinch it can break anything. Spare Hostages are for Kati or Andy, both of which are incredibly useful.

The Oracle May interaction with Class Act is a little strange (if this interpretation is correct): Reveal the card. If it's an event, you get the money but you can either draw it or the next card (bottom the one you don't choose of course). There are definitely some events in this deck which are not needed after the early game (Hostage, Express Delivery etc) or not needed for the matchup (Networking, On the Lam etc) so filtering past them is good.

Labour Rights is your restricted card. Use it to recur non-events if you lose them (preferably with a Special Order or Hostage in hand as required) or in the late game to recur your pressure (Diversion of Funds, Legwork, Maker's, Inside Job etc).

This deck is: not very good. But it was fun to put together, maybe you'll enjoy it too.

8 May 2019 Murse

Thanks! I love it when higher profile members of the community just throw stuff out there like this. I plan to try this out soon!