Comfort Zone Val (1st @ NISEI Online Standard)

Matuszczak 1951

With no time to test before the tournament I stuck to a Val list I was extremely comfortable with. Slightly weaker without Strike, there probably are stronger lists for MWL 3.2, but this still has solid matchups across the board.

Went 3-2 in the tournament (beating AgInf, Sports & Asa, losing to Azmari & Titan).

12 May 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

No mining accident? And how much use did hunting grounds get?

12 May 2019 Matuszczak

@ClosDeLaRoche I think Mining Accident is overrated, you pay upfront for a future benefit, this deck does not run all that much. HG is definitely a flex slot, I was expecting a lot more IP Blocks and Ravens. Deuces Wild and a few other candidates are good in the same slot.