No-turtle money-denial 419 (1st on Day 1, 9th in top 16)

Longi 1072

This is a bit experimental deck. I wanted to play an aggressive money denying criminal other than Leela.

It does not have Turtle because I built it during MWL 3.1 when MTI was a thing and the Aumakua only slowed mi down in that matchup. I had no time to adjust the deck since.

It went 3-1 in the Swiss rounds and 0-1 in the top cut loosing to Whitemage and his Blue Sun. I knew he was playing SDS agenda which I had no answer to so I decided to play risky game and was punished by Punitive accordingly.

I believe that current version should have Aumakuas and also some breaker recursion.

Finally, I would like to thank the TOs of the online tournament and to all opponents whose been very pleasant to play against.