Surveyor ASA Evo.4 (1st on Day 1, 9th in top 16)

Longi 1493

This is my ASA build that has been serving me well for a while. I always do only small changes according to the current meta.

The deck went 4-0 in the Swiss rounds. In one game against Rustyrider it even survived two apocalypses and won with Biotic Labor which was the very last card in the R&D.

In a top cut it went 1:1 loosing a bit unluckily to reg Val (which is usually a good matchup) piloted by Mao.

Overall, I have been very happy with its performance. Usually, when it looses, then it is to Hail Mary runs on R&D server when opponent disregards all the damage done by non-ETR ices. Ideally I would replace the Fairchild 2.0 with its stronger version with ETR sub but 2.0s are better against ice destruction builds as was Stubby Maxx and now it stays to fight Au Revoir Wu.

Finally, I would like to thank the TOs of the online tournament and to all opponents whose been very pleasant to play against.