pj20 1288

I think Asset spam is in a good place right now, and NEH is pretty good place to start.

This is basically a Vegan spam fest using some yellow Fast-advance tools.

With Mumba / Turtlebacks, Tiered Subscription (better than Pad Campaign, don't @ me), Marilyn and even SSL... this deck can make more money than it knows what to do with. Usually, you're using that money to rez a piece of big boy ice (Hydra / Tollbooth).

The go-fast part is pretty simple... get Lady Liberty down and try to score from hand, or install Calibrations behind Tour Guides and Team Sponsorship them back. Biotic with Jeeves will help you score almost anything from hand.

The Team Spo targets are usually Lady Liberty, Calibration , Jeeves and any ice you may have pitched.

Preemptive targets are the same, but also making sure to get back that Biotic.