Blocking A Bitter Wu

mcg 618

Sad Wu

This deck started off as a bit of fun, playing around with RLC and VLC, getting the extra credit from the BABW ability. But then, despite very little refinement (I'm sure you can do better), it turned out to be pretty good. It was undefeated at a GNK today, and has some good results on jnet, particularly against Wu.

With 18 ice you usually have plenty in hand and can commit them to all servers. The combination of transactions and Death and Taxes (itself a transaction) means you're usually swimming in cash, and the draw from the clearances and Rashida helps you build ridiculous servers cheaply via Jinja. Two or three ice on the remote is usually enough to start pushing out, and if you can score an SDS to set back their board then that's usually enough.

There's another similar deck published recently, which looks more to Punitive than to score out, so that's another option. Anyway, might be something there, and sharing is caring.