FREDPI Presents 'apoc val'

ayyyliens 503

@FREDPI told me to play apoc at the GNK using Feint. We started from the nisei online tournament list and made some changes.

It went 2-2 defeating Asa and Outfit and losing to Another Outfit and Palana

Overall felt ok but a bit too slow.

18 May 2019 FREDPI

Yeeey feint

19 May 2019 nbkelly

Have you tried including Masterwork (the Az console) in your deck? Because able to install lucky charm on your RnD run, and again on your archives run if you need to, without spending any clicks, can really up the power of your apoc game.

19 May 2019 ayyyliens

You generally only want stuff in your deck that is disposable. A console is more suited for a non apoc deck. Also including masterworker for only 2 lucky charms doesn't seem worth it. I was thinking about cutting the charms for more draw. Your event suite already covers a lot of bypass/ways of getting into that server.

20 May 2019 Cluster Fox

"If you're looking for my agendas, they'll be on top of R&D" - the above mentioned Asa player, shortly before losing to all the agendas on top of R&D

25 May 2019 ayyyliens

As is tradition