Freedom Pipes (4-1 at SOS3)

m-crabtree 26

Since Paige Piper + Crowdfunding is the latest hot tech, I figured I'd slap it in a reg Freedom deck. Paige Piper did not show up in my opening hand in a single game, but still helped to thin out my deck and speed things up. 3x Paige Piper meant something had to get cut, though - no Mining Accidents, -1 Stimhack, no Corroder. I swapped Trypano for D4V1D to provide virus drip and threaten ice trashing. I never Stimhack'd, used Trypano every game, and didn't see much high strength ice (with one exception) so I think it was a good call, especially in a rush meta.

My only loss was v. an Acme that quickly got Data Wards out on HQ, R&D and the remote. I made a last ditch run on R&D and got HPT'd for 10 damage. Said Acme went undefeated, though, so it's hard to feel too bad about it.