"Back in my day..." - Antwerpen Q2 2019 GNK - 1st Place

manicmoleman 450

Just before Downfall came out I took this deck to a few meetups and really liked it. It had a lot of money, was able to tax on more than credits, and had a nice mixture of ICE costs. Then Downfall came out, ICE destruction became popular, and I shelved the deck, as without Anansies, DNA Trackers, and Data Loops sticking around you're in for a hard time.

With the release of the MWL 3.2, though, I was seeing less ICE destruction so picked it up again. None of the Downfall cards really fitted in the deck, so I left it as it was. Not really having an idea of what worked well Corp side, I took it to a GNK with low expectations.

The general plan is to tax the Runner on all resources; cards, clicks, and credits. Keeping your money up is generally never a problem, as you have 18 economy cards in addition to your ID ability.

Some notes on playing the deck:

i) Never put Aiki on the remote, as the Runner can use it to draw up with the Psi game subroutine, negating your Data Loops.

ii) Although it's an expensive combo, Kitsune and Snare! can surprise non-AI runners or runners who have already used their Engolo / Laamb trigger. It rarely kills, but can make scoring an Obokata easier.

iii) Your remotes generally aren't too taxing in credits, but if you've got a Data Loop and a Kakugo on there you tax cards. Ben Musashi can help you capitalise on this tax and helps protect non-Obokata agendas in the remote.

iv) If you have an empty remote and a Marilyn Campaign, always install it. Even if you rez it, get two credits, and overwrite it the next turn, you've lost nothing. And who knows, you might bait a run!

v) The Kitsune should probably be Thimblerigs, but Kitsune is more fun.

Despite my low expectations, on the day I didn't loose a game with it.

419 - Tim

Tim faceplanted an Anansi early which revealed an Apocalypse. I drew ICE in a fantastic order, so had a DNA Tracker on Archives for Sneakdoor Beta, Anansi on R&D, and Kakugos on HQ and the remote rezzed early. I kept purging to keep Aumakua down, and installed a Ben on HQ as Tim was Sneakdooring through DNA Tracker, taking the damage, for accesses. Thankfully, some very bad runner accesses allowed me to get the win with no Apocalypse going off.

Leela - Floris

Floris's Leela is somewhat legendary, so I was pretty cautious. He was able to get his icebreakers installed relatively quickly, and I was surprised by DDOS early on. Although I went down to zero credits after a Diversion of Funds, I was able to bounce back with an NGO. I managed to get 4 points scored, then waited for Floris to steal an Obokata before I installed another in the Data Loop - Border Control remote for the win.

Freedom - Bart

This was a tough one, as Bart was playing D4V1D, Hippo, and Yusuf. Thankfully, I saw the Hippo on an Inject play, so installed unrezzed ICE on the outside to protect my Anansi and DNA Tracker on R&D and HQ. A purge to clear Yusuf bought me enough time to score two Niseis, then Data Loop let me score the Obokata for the win.

Ken - Mach

Mach played The Makers Eye on their first turn and hit two Snares: that's Netrunner!

My thanks goes to all of my opponents for the games and to Thomas for organising.

19 May 2019 theoneakaneo

tnx 4 the fun games & congrats on the win

20 May 2019 ayyyliens

Lesson learned, next time isntall DDOS first :D