Looking Glass, 3-2 at Sovereign of Subways

Banknote 1

Went 5-5 at Sovereign of Subways last weekend and had just a great time. This was the slightly stronger of the two decks, but both managed to have some really great and close games.

My reluctance to play "good" ID's continues in a deck that should probably be out of Maxx or something. Basic strategy, do your best to burn through your deck as quickly as possible, getting econ and breakers where you need them. Turn one Embezzle feels great, as does getting Baghat or Stargate out early. Since the corp needs to defend all three centrals or risk being disrupted, remotes should be easier to camp, or just go all in on the random access and trash plan. Hippo whatever server feels most vulnerable and hammer that server best you can.

SoS Matches:

Round 1 L - Argus. Couldn't get my breakers set up fast enough to disrupt her plan, played around tags and HHN well, but not well enough to prevent a score out.

Round 2 L - Political Dealings RP. Left 2 points in the bin when I should have run it. My opponent Team Sponsorship'd it behind a Tour Guide and I had to dig for Stimhack to contest. Didn't work out.

Round 3 W - Rigshooter Outfit. Had both my MK's rfg'd which kept me from making too many runs. We were going to time, so my opponent tried to rush out an SDS Drone. Stimhack and D4VID got me to 4 points to her 2.

Round 4 W - Spark. Lucky pulls off R+D put me ahead and allowed me to play a little more conservatively, milling some key cards by luck.

Round 5 W - AoT. Super close one - winning agenda was loaded into a big Jinja server. Baghat mill'd a card off R+D, ran archives and my opponent used a Vitruvius counter to pull an agenda back to HQ... but then had to mill one of the two cards in HQ due to Alice's ability. He milled the other card, leaving only an agenda in HQ which was wide open. Down to the wire.

Fantastic day full of fun games, a few drinks, and just a wonderful community. Many thanks to my teammates, my opponents, and everyone who made it happen!