Garbage Recycle

Gwarmageddon 3

Mulligan for Paige P, get crowdfunding down & trash other 2. 3 x run gets you 3-up CF. Hostage get you Paige P and Kati/Bhagat if it looks like you won't draw them.

Null lets you discard a bin breaker to lower ice strength, then install that breaker to break the ice. Rejig lets you install something and get the bin breaker back to repeat hijinks.

Immolation lets you hit the Corp if the game goes too long. Prob needs multi-access but you can't have everything. Trope was all I could think of for recursion if the game goes too slow.

23 May 2019 Japoco

Crowdfunding could actually be a decent reason to play Paige piper! However I’m not totally sure you want it in Null as one of the best reasons to play Crowdfunded Null is trashing CF to trigger his ability.

Also just check your runtimings for Null ability - you can’t trash MK or Blorch to lower an ice strength and then install the same breaker to break that ice without a clone chip being involved!

25 May 2019 Gwarmageddon

@Japoco Yeah man, I should have checked the interaction first, thanks. Generally post decks on here to share with mates as opposed to claiming top-tier efficiency!

Still like the option of hard installing CF from the bin after discarding to reduce ice strength.

25 May 2019 Dissinger

If you run Paige Piper, you might as well run Frantic Coding as Paige can save you from trashing your deck.

25 May 2019 Japoco

@Gwarmageddonno worries - just a bit of friendly advice! And yeah - trashing crowdfunding for the Null trigger just to reinstall is a strong play! (I still have crowdfunding in my null deck!)