Bendy Leela - Euros 38th (4-3)

HiddenAway 652

This deck was created by my friend and testing partner @same old things (Andy - 11th) while we attempted to make a deck that we felt we could both play and do well with. In the end, we couldn't come to a consensus and ended up taking different decks, but with this Leela deck, I had my best runner performance in a major tournament, winning 4 games from 7 rounds and hitting the top half of the field for the first time. My corp deck was exactly the same made by @dome_ which can be found here

Most of the deck is just good stuff criminal cards, with Engolo for early pressure if needed. Maw was very useful for the surprise factor and won me at least one game where I milled 2 agendas in the first 2 hits. The only questionable include was Networking, which I put in as a replacement for a 3rd Earthrise Hotel, though it did save me in the 5th round when I left myself at 4 credits and got hit by HHN. Corporate "Grant" is included because of the number of installables and the huge risk of seeing Scarcity of Resources (which I did not see at all in Swiss).

I'd like to thank all of my opponents who played in the event and NISEI for such smooth organisation of the event!

  1. Beat AgInfusion (opponent was agenda flooded)
  2. Beat The Outfit
  3. Lost to Blue Sun
  4. Lost to The Outfit
  5. Beat The Outfit
  6. Beat The Outfit
  7. Lost to Replicating Perfection