Dinosaur Reporter (1st Louisville Regionals 4-0, really 4-1)

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Louisville Regional winner. This deck technically went 4-0 at the Louisville Regional, but really 4-1. I ID'd one of the rounds with @stoppableforce, and he crushed me both games when we played them out casually.

I wasn't sure what to bring to Regionals, so I brought this Val list I have been tweaking with for the past six months. Bad pub is and will always be good.

After a casual game loss to an Excal/Border Control remote last week, I added in Gbahali in place of the second Career Fair. I liked the decision. At worst, Gbahali is most likely going to save you at least as many credits as CF would; at best, it can win you an agenda in a tight spot. Plus, players were generally confused when I installed it and weren't sure what to do about it. On the other hand, No One Home did nothing for me all day. It should probably be a third TTW.

Round 1: Bye from store championship

Round 2: Win against Blue Sun. I got a lot of early econ and an early TTW. I had to play cautiously and slower than I normally like since I knew my opponent had access to two Punitives in her hand. I scored a 3-pointer and had enough money to prevent the double gun. Then when I Turntable'd a Hostile for another 3-pointer, I knew I was in the clear. After that, I just deep dug to victory.

Round 3: ID against @stoppableforce. Smartest decision I made on the day. We were both afraid of getting swept, and then I got swept in the casual games that we played. (They're on stream folks!: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2139/2019-nisei-regional-heroes-comics-and-gaming#). I'm basically Caprice. So glad I didn't have to face him in the cut.

Round 4: Win against Azmari. For some reason, with the exception of the game against Blue Sun in round 2, my deck ran pretty lean all day. An early Rebirth into Omar stole me an SSL and, from there, I just tried to get accesses every or every other turn while building up TTW counters. I never ran the scoring remote once all game; it was four-iced and making bank with Daily Quest for the majority of the game. Eventually I scored a second agenda and was able to follow it up not too long after with an all-or-nothing four-card dig on an Omar run into RnD ftw. I went broke to do this and certainly would've lost if I didn't come up big here.

Cut round 2: Win against Sportsmetal. This might have been the best game I played all day, against @x3r0h0ur. A Gbahali install and a run on a deep, double adv'd remote ended up scoring me a Hyperloop which I TT'd for an SSL. (Why a Hyperloop was in the remote is a long story, which has to do with an Architect fire, and an installed replacement for the Ikawah originally in there). I followed up by grabbing an Ikawah from Archives the following turn. And a few turns later poked RnD for a lucky SSL steal.

Cut round 3: I had this round off, since I got through on the Winner's bracket.

Cut round 4: DUUUUUUMB LUCK against 6-agenda Azmari. I was running super lean all game against @hutch9514, who is such a strong player (and one of the best Leela players I've ever seen). His own write-up of this match is much kinder than it has to be. He had the winning agenda--the fourth between us--in a remote that (a) I couldn't get into and (b) I read at first as an NGO anyway. He literally had half his stack left and I four-dug RnD with TTW. I hit the last two agendas--two SSLs--in the entire deck. What are the odds of hitting the last two agendas in a four-card dig of a 22-card RnD? 1%? Can someone please tell me the math on this! Anyway, great game.

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3 Jun 2019 teapot37

2/22 * 2/21 * 2/20 * 1/19 = 1/87780 ~= 0.000045568 = 0.0045568%

3 Jun 2019 Janktivist

that can't be right, can it? my odds would go up as i dug for that first agenda. but isn't this saying they would go down? how does math work?

3 Jun 2019 Janktivist

yay! @teapot37 and the rest of the Louisville crew figured it out. 2.6%! better than I thought.