Flatline sports - 9th - 13th @ Euros (4-4)

rotage 2101

This is the latest nonsense sports list that I took to Euros recently. All 4 wins were via Punitive (I didn't play Neural Emp at all)

The list is fun in Swiss and effective against people who don't expect it, but if people know what you are doing then it does lose a lot of is teeth and I do not feel it is that impactful

Going forward I would like to drop Emp and try something else, I was consider Scarcity as it could force the runner to run sooner then they would like, or a complete image as a 1000-1 shot to win the game if things are desperate

Thanks to all my opponents at Euros, everyone I got to see again and those I got to meet for the first time and most of all the judges as without them we wouldn't have a tournament. Finally thanks to Tolaasin who convinced me to play this list when I was in doubts