That Wizard Came From The Moon

Countzer0 81

The top Foundry deck at Euros' dint of being the only Foundry deck at Euros'

I wasn't sure what to play in the run-up to Euros, so decided to take a deck that I had fun with, and that the next cycle of rotation meant would never exist again in the Standard format. The basic idea of the deck is this: Stick a Brainstorm on the server you think the Runner wants to get into, and put The Twins behind it. Then hope they run it :) With Project Vitruvius tokens you can potentially get a Brainstorm with an absurd number of subroutines that the Runner has no hope of breaking. Triple Merlin is another way of acheiving the same effect, with the added bonus of throwing in a cheeky Lancelot or Galahad to make a facecheck a bit more punishing. If you need to score, the MCA Austerity Policy will help and also serves as an incentive for a run on your remote...

It went 3-3 at Euros' but the games were fun and some of them went pretty close. A big thank you to all my opponents on the day, and to the rest of my local meta who convinced me the day before that I absolutely should be playing with Brainstorms. Final shoutouts go to everyone involved with Nisei who organised the event and ran it - all of you are amazing!

11 Jul 2019 Funnybone

Can I ask why this deck isn't going to be MWL 3.3 Legal? The changes I heard for 3.3 wouldn't invalidate this that I can see.

15 Jul 2019 Shiiuga

The deck will be legal but Foundry and Grail will rotate with the release of the new pack.