L.A.R.A version triple Alpha Top Jemison at Euros (just)

Cliquil 1050

This was the deck that helped me become Mayor of Splitsville at Euros 2019 .

It is a follow on from something I have been working on for a while; upon the premise that with Mushin and Jemison you can put the runner in a weird fork of ;

"If I run that card might suddenly have a lot more tokens on it when I actually access it. It could hurt" vs. "If I dont run there is some fast scoring of Armed Intimidation that can occur"

It helps as well that sometimes people forget about at least 1 of these plans and assume I am on a fast advance to win of some kind.

The changes from last year were the inclusion of City Works Project and a little more tightness - making some cards that had been 2x 3x for the consistency.

R1 vs Leela : I dread this matchup but I was very fortunate with the cards I drew - I got an early Hostile which gave me a lot of flexibility. I also was able to get the combination of City Works with a Dedication Ceremony & a Mushin that went unchallenged. THis alloawed me to score an Armed Intimidation when the runner went down to 4 in hand with enough clicks left for Boom!

R2 vs Apoc Val. I took a lot of risks in this because I know that the Apoc really wrecks me. I think I did some pings of damage with armed Intimdattion & even Contract killer to disrupt the combo before getting the win off what I think was based off Armed Intimidation into Boom! but I must admit I have a dimmer memory of this game

R3 vs Leela - Really odd game, runner lost a lot of everything to an early Psychic Field but I never quite got the courage to capitalise. I think I assumed that with all breakers gone it paid to be careful, one clone Chip later and the game was back on and I didn't get the win before it was taken from me at time

R4 vs Maxx. An early score into an Install, Install Upgrade on samer server, advance asset. This was too tempting for Maxx who ran and I was able to sack a Hostile which was enough damage to get the Junebug kill

R5 vs Hayley. I was skimming closer to some wins but never drew Armed Intimdation and I got very well Khusyuk'd to death. SHould possibly have tried to draw even harder than I did but got slowed down by needing to use Corporate Town to kill the DJ Fenris Geist as I knew that could frustrate an eventual kill shot.

R6 vs Val. Did not really deserve this. I was slightly tilted by just having played Gagarin because I panic at asset spam. I gave away an early 3 City Works that I Mushin & Dedicationed; my opponent just drew up and ran it daring me to have no follow up as indeed i did not. I tried the same trick later but with dedication twice onto an Oberth hoping they would not anticipate that a rezzed Oberth could lead to even more meat damage. As it happened they anticipated this so I played to the one out I thought I had left; I sacked the Atlas doing 12 Meat Damage to 13 cards. I missed the I've Had Worse that I feared they had. Next turn I top decked a Dedication Ceremony that enabled me to kill them with a Contract Killer. I immediately apologised for what was the equivalent of the last click blind Mad Dash to a win.

R7 vs Val . Again this was Apoc and I dared to go fast. I got Wantoned first turn and a lot of agenda points went into the bin. I went for some disruption and my game looked stronger but my opponent, despite believing themselves beaten, got themselves to the point where their resigned check of archives gave them a well deserved victory.

Jemison is great. I encourage everyone to toy with it.

More Jemison at Euros than Titan Jemison forever!

10 Jun 2019 Terje

Not gonna lie, quite relieved I didn't have to play against you this year :D

11 Jun 2019 Cliquil

If it helps we almost definitely would have split! :D

15 Jun 2019 Swiftie

@Njabbskoltit sounds like you've said this to everyone from Readox...