No More Snowflakes (1st Swiss | 2nd Antwerp Regionals)

Cluster Fox 511

So I don't remember who's deck I originally used as a template for this deck but I believe it was @twisty_b 's Why Not Both? list that came 8th at Euros. I didn't really change much, just swapped some things for a bit more consistency. I decided I should probably stop trying to be a Special Asa Snowflake and try to play decks that are actually good, and my buddy @Slowriffs has been telling me for ages I ought to try Argus because it would fit my playstyle. And boy was he right.

Argus went undefeated in Swiss, beating Kit, Hayley, 419 and Valencia. In the cut I had the only loss against Smoke (he Khusyuked three deep and lucked in to an agenda putting him at 5, and then went tag me through my remote to nab the GFI I had just IAA'ed there), but beat Freedom in the loser's final. My runner deck was Leela, she lost 1 game in Swiss against Palana and lost the finals to asset spam Political Dealings RP.

Thanks to all my opponents and friends who came out to play. Almost every single game came down to the wire and could have gone either way, they were all exciting and interesting. I haven't been in a very good place personally lately and having you awesome people around me and being able to take my mind off things has helped more than you guys know. Lots of love from me.

18 Jul 2019 Jakuza