SOCR9 Adam

dbAdmin 41

I love Emergent Creativity and Logic Bomb. Why not play Adam and get them for free? In SOCR, you always start with Always Be Running. If that becomes burdensome, Isolation or Independent Thinking are there to help. However, keeping the initial pressure lasting as long as possible is the goal of this deck. If I am able to keep ABR on the board, it turns out that is the best way to get an early win. If they start icing up to keep you out, Emergent Creativity a femme for a femme, or get a Laamb out there to keep the good times rolling as long as possible. Ideally, early pressure can net you a few points and activate some extra MU for Brain Chip. Multithreader or Rezeki can keep the cash coming, but they are also fine to toss to an Emergent Creativity or Rejig for a quick reboot. Gbahali and Logic Bomb open up scoring opportunities on a remote that they might think is safe. The "vs Mti" version of this deck had 3 Direct Access and 3 Employee Strike in it so that I wouldn't eat a turn-2 Anansi - usually the most dangerous turn for Adam against Mti.