Atari Teenage Omar

Zero Netrunner 85

I wanted a competitive Anarch deck that wasn't exactly like every other good-stuff Anarch. This one has some flavor and competes pretty decently.

The joy of stabbing over and over with Maw, first turn Wantons, and landing upset Quest Complete's with only 2 easy runs has the flavor to keep Anarch from feeling totally stale.

Advantages it has over classic Val are really that the corp is spread out with their ice from turn one, which is sometimes a pretty significant compared to the usual mid-game rebirth where archives should usually have been iced at the corps convenience. 45 card decks are just tighter, more consistent breakers and money is nice. Quest Complete lands surprisingly often since corps are usually letting you hit centrals when they have a tower of ice over their double advanced agenda that they are saving their money to rez.

If I had one more influence it would be Paper Tripping. His worst enemy is HHN. No One Home doesn't feel right but I just hate Networking.

If I were to tweak it, I would like an answer to Scarcity. No room for Hacktavist and MAW already handles asset spam but Scarcity is death. I would also maybe consider a trope to get some money cards back into the deck, although that seems slow and awkward for an aggressive deck. Maybe there is some version where Labor Rights is the restricted card and there is room for Paper Tripping but it's hard to imagine a competitive runner deck without Crowdfunding.

This deck is oddly similar to the first deck I ever learned Netrunner on, long ago. Listed on here as Trashman Omar.