[Frankfurt30] Deva Adam

MaikH 970

Part of a 30 deck collection for casual play (see https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2224342/).

I wanted to use the Deva breaker suite somewhere, and Adam seemed a perfect match, given the theme of Android soul searching. This suggested a couple of other cards like The Turning Wheel and Kasi String. The starting directives are the three original ones, Find the Truth is intended as an 'upgrade' during the game.

27 Apr 2020 Thrawnmich

Played this deck twice so far with going 50/50. It was incredibly gratifying to pull off the win. Of the two match-ups, Jinteki: Replicating Perfection really stomps you if you don't have a perfect few starting turns. I did not have a Dr. Lovegood installed and was Always Running into rezed DNA Trackers. Every time I would run, I would have my hand dumped and could not afford to do anything else (I conceded).

The other game was an amazing comeback victory vs Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It where after scoring 6 points off of Hollywood Renovation and Global Food Initiative, I managed to snag the winning Hostile Takeover from the corps HQ and R&D lock with a Turning Wheel for the win. Very very satisfying. I would also mention that Brahman was essential for the victory primarily because I was not able to access my other breakers early and was able to break consistently.

Fun deck, would play again, 10/10, entertainment value reached.