The Yellow Jacket [Red Coats Variant]

invictus_blue 139

My take on the HB taxing archetype, developed and popularized by Nords.

It is fairly common to have an opening hand with which you can ice both centrals and rez both of them right off the bat. If you get a good draw, you'll have a couple credit left after this.

If I think there is a threat to my centrals, I'll throw another ice down of one of them. I'll install a big taxing ice in a remote to get the free credit and prepare for a potential score. I'll often click for credits at this point to make sure I can float at least 8 or so.

Every few turns you want to be able to fire off a Restructure or a GRNDL Refinery. The Refinery looks like an agenda; you'd prefer the money, but if the Runner spends a bunch to get to it and trash it that's perfectly fine. The card is great in this type of deck as it's a win-win for the Corp.

The 2x Biotic Labor lets me fast-advance any of the four 3/2 agendas that are included. It's happen to great effect surprisingly often. Those card slots were Ash before.

Inazuma is a great surprise for program trashing or brain damage, whatever the board state allows/dictates.

There are a lot of 5-strength code gates, so I'll have to watch out for Yog0sauras and Atman, but other than that they do their taxing job quite well. A well-timed Ichi or Roto has taken care of those threats before.

I call my variation "The Yellow Jacket" because I run a "stinger", the 1x Junebug, and because "jacket" is a synonym for "coat." It's either a cheap way to surprise the runner and open a window, or if I manage to land some brain damage it could lead to a flatline.