Haresa Wu Ka-bon

gadwag 22

Delicious and spicy.

This is a Wu built for speed. She has one way in: surfing the rainbow on clippy. 3 Rezeki Wu took too long to set up and get rich, by which time the corp was even richer. This Wu tries to set up faster and cheaper for an early win. Comet takes the sting out of rejig/scavenge, and these programs are very useful for refreshing pelangi.

Wu tends to draw a lot (even with Diesel + Deuces) which is why I've kept the baby. I've taken rebirth instead of a 3rd baby or a hunting grounds since it's more flexible (could become lat or jesminder - or someone else) and works with comet. Kati got cut because she's too slow.

This is a plenty fun deck, but part of me wonders if it wouldn't be better to just bring 3 good stuff breakers. Pelangi and surfer is a lot of fun, but still isn't cheap for big servers. The corp only needs to rez one ice per turn, so you aren't taxing them too hard for money.