Default Settings Blue Sun (2nd at 19-person regional)

paulyg 1034

I've been playing mostly Blue Sun through regional season so far but sticking to extremely 'route 1' lists. This is the final iteration for MWL 3.2 which has no rigshooting, no spicy tech and no Daily Quests. Just good, wholesome, big money and ice with a topping of punitive.

The final tweaks I made were to drop a Fairchild 3 to make room for an Archived Memories to lean into the punitive plan a little more. Combined with Consulting Visit, the idea is to always have the kill on hand when needed. I won one game in the tournament by flatline. I had to drop the IPOs so added the Marilyn Campaign. I rezzed this zero times in the tournament.

R1 was against Keith on Gang Sign Leela. His plan was to set up and not run much which gave me the breathing room to get my big money rolling and build a classic Surveyor / Border Control remote. Agendas came at a steady rate which meant that Gang Sign didn't do much. Installing Maw caused me to start sweating a little but I was able to close out the game before it could do too much damage.

In R2 I played against Craig on Crowdfunding Hayley. He got some impressive drip econ going early and I knew my best chance to win was probably a punitive kill before he got too rich and could just lock the remote / clot lock me. I had the pieces I needed and could threaten 6 points so he felt he had to run. Taking the SDS left him on zero credits and I was able to get my only flatline of the day.

I played against Simon's Eddie Kim in R3. An early Bhagat presented some 'issues' and Simon was able to take an SSL this way whilst I built up my remote. He was staying quite poor, however, and couldn't really challenge the remote. I got to 4 points and had the winning agenda IAA'd and ready to go when he ran R&D to see two cards and they were both agendas. Frustrating, but fair after our game on the other side where he had been ridiculously flooded.

I had to 2-4-1 in R4 to make the cut and we played the other side.

I played against Phil in the winners' final and got my most surprising win of the day. He was on Leela and setting up well whilst I tried to build my board. Then he took an SDS, sacrificing a Corroder for it. I had a Punitive and an Archived in hand but was a credit short of landing the flatline. I decided to value Punitive anyway and hit his second Corroder as well as a Bukhgalter. There was already a Border Control on the remote at this point and I had a couple of Chiyashis to play with. The remainder of the game was me trying to get to the point of having Chiyashis on centrals whilst Phil took the accesses he could with bypass effects and shut down my big ice. Eventually we got to the point where he was locked out and he graciously conceded.

Phil was also my opponent in the grand final. Here my draw was awful, getting all the Building Blocks and OAIs with no big ice to play them on. Phil capitalised on this and gave me the Leela econ denial treatment I had been doling out all day. There was no coming back and it proved an easy victory for Phil.

Thanks as always to @tugtetgut for his excellent mentoring and decklist tweaks and to all my opponents for some fun games!