Hey Leela can bounce - oh wait...* (Manchester regional 4th)

HiddenAway 644

*So much Leela in the meta. I didn't fancy any of the corp options and decided to jokingly build this as a fun counter to Leela. As it turns out, it lost every game against Leela.

Originally this was a Heinlein Grid deck with Punitive as the finisher for stealing Ikawah. After realising that you can just trash it before you steal, I shifted to Ash as the breaker suite in Leela can be taxed out. That said, Amina is very effective so more refinement is needed if you want to improve this deck.

Daily Quest gives you the money you need to Rez the ridiculously high cost of the ICE (in spite of AoT's discount). Runners won't fancy spending 15-20 credits to trash it. If they do, simply retrieve it with Archived Memories (which is also good for the double Punitive - even if I didn't actually pull it off).

Some choice changes if you want to improve this deck include MORE MONEY. Might want to consider swapping out 2 Punitive for another Daily Quest. Then, add one Archived Memories to ensure you can double Punitive as needed. I had considered adding Successful Demonstration for those who bounce off ICE for Turning Wheel but I never seem to draw it when I need it.

Thanks to everyone who played against me at the Manchester (UK) regional! This did reasonably well going 2-1 in Swiss and 0-1 in the cut but it needs some tweaking to make it an Architect for tomorrow.

Manchester Regional: 1st Swiss, 4th Overall

Game 1: Beat Seamus (Maxx) - Was Apoc'ed twice but had 5 points and managed to keep the last Vitruvius safe until I could Biotic out.

Game 2: Failed to play against Tom Holliday due to Gagarin Vs Kim being taken to time

Game 3: Lost to Paul Gillibrand (Leela) - Spent too much money getting cards rezzed

Game 4: Beat Euan Shields (Adam) - Eventually drained Adam's credits to a low amount and scored out the final agenda with Ash protecting it

Cut Game 1: Lost to Paul Gillibrand (Leela) - Went too low on credits and just had to keep clicking for credits until I lost on time. The ICE was doing it's job at slowly draining the runner's pool but too late to be effective. Scored an Ikawah instead of a ADT when I had a window, which would have given me a boost.