Lolipop Adam - 1st York GNK/ 2nd Sheffield Regional

Blonde Haired Hacker Girl 752

-- Regionals write up soon--

Corp Deck

GNK Write up! Fave play was using maddash and whistleblower to steal obo off rnd that FTT saw with 0 cards left in hand.

Went 3-1, losing to titan quick score by missing atlas in hand, beating Rotom's palana, Nemo's Acme and Justin's Sports metal.

6 Aug 2019 Shiro1981

Did you use Golden's ability a lot? I feel inclined to swap it out for Shrike

11 Aug 2019 Blonde Haired Hacker Girl

@Shiro1981Eh Golden isn't there to Derez (although Derezzing Orion or Archer feels nice), it's mainly cause it scales really well against surveyor. Which Shrike doesn't quite do.

Shrike is a lot better vs Tourguide and Kominau though.