Next Level Jinja - 1st place Turin Regional (5-2) - MWL 3.3

koga 627

I just took my previous Next build and updated it. Choices for the restricted card were Food and Whampoa, but I like money too much to cut SSL and Whampoa does a lot of work in Jinja decks.
The mono Excalibur helped slowing down Apoc for a turn or two a couple games.

Had to play an additional round with the deck to get in the top4 because we decided to play additional rounds instead of using SOS.

  • Swiss: loss against Aesop Hayley, win against run-based Leela, loss against Apoc Val, win against NetMercurLess Smoke (super cool deck)
  • Tiebreak: win against Apoc Val
  • Top cut: wins against Aesop Hayley x2 (same opponent)

Favorite play of the day was vs Smoke after a Legwork (losing an agenda), putting 2 useless cards on the bottom with Whampoa so I could keep the 1/2 agendas left in hand safe. He didn't play his second Legwork.
All the Hayley games were exhausting even though my opponent had had like 3hrs of sleep the night before.

Here's my runner deck.

The event was wonderful and it was super nice to have everyone here (as always). Shoutout to JollyJoker for having us, @Berzelius & @Darta for the organization and @Aurbits for the cool additional prizes (go check them out)!

21 Jul 2019 Saan

Nice to see you come out on top! I'm living in Berlin now, so I was sad I couldn't come see everyone again. The deck looks sweet!

22 Jul 2019 koga

@Saanthank you! I missed your netrunner face slaps too, but I'm sure I'm gonna take a good beating next time we meet, hope it's soon :P
I'm sure everyone else missed you too and remember you're always welcome among us <3

22 Jul 2019 Porkobolo

I was the player that miss the second legwork (and wasted a 6 cards khusyuk for your brilliant play, the agendas were in hand), it was really great!