Madison, WI Nisei Regional 7-0, First Place

Paranoid31 493

Simple deck. Don't rez assets until you are going to kill the runner. CSR Campaign is probably much better than Neural EMP, simply for the fact that you have to hold more important cards in your five card hand much of the time (Neural only relevant with 2-3 in hand). VLC and Hedge allow you to play psi games and fire Snares throughout the game. I don't think this deck is that good, simply because Stargate is ubiquitous and will usually win the game for Runner. You can still get set up fast enough before Stargate (or net damage protection) if you draw decently. I think this deck wins a lot for me because many people don't know how to run against it, even high level players. IG is nasty af. Don't rotate it.

24 Jul 2019 Murse

It's crazy seeing IG popping up all over again. Nice that the builds aren't as oppressive as the Mumbad days too. Congrats on the win!

25 Jul 2019 manveruppd

So you don't even re the bio-ethics to ping them?