Mushin Image - 2nd @ Philly Regional (Dan D'Argenio's decks)

saetzero 2301

Dan D'Argenio asked me to make decks after I asked on FB if he was going to the Philly regional.

These decks were not tested, and Dan gave me almost no feedback while I tried to make them.

I mean it. 0 testing. At all. Not a game.

Why write up about the deck, when you can see the.... "Great" conversation I had with Dan to figure out what decks to make him.


DD- Is the event at redcaps? Also yes I'd play decks you built I haven't been playing at all so I have no idea. I'll ask spinosa too idgaf I just want to play without doing any work beforehand

JH- nah i can make you something and yes redcaps

DD- is there an event page somewhere

JH- 1 sec (facebook event link was here) any factions in particular you wanna play or not play?

DD- hmm well I want to play some new busted nonsense and it looks like theres kinda a lot of that

JH- seems it a bit xD ill find something rad and get back to you in a day or two

DD- ok Id kinda like to play apoc crim on runner because thats easy and fun

JH- apoc crim you got it

DD- if its any good

JH- probably still strong it seems good the last team event in nyc

DD- ok

JH- itll probably be gagarin or ctm or something asset something

DD- I was thinking either like a fast nbn deck or jinteki with a weird kill like complete image deck or something that card seems maybe nuts

JH- i can do a fun jinteki kill hmm there was a dumb combo kill jinteki

DD- whats the nbn alliance guy jahim or smth wait is he allaicne or just 100 inf lol this seems bad never mind

JH- there was some combo with salems hospitality

DD- yeah play this and salems in a jinteki deck right lol can this be done

JH- yea, you can play shit like slot machine

DD- 3 salems 3 ibraham 3 neural 3 complete image 6 nbn cards

JH- that is a version of the combo dunno if optimal but you see the idea

DD- yeah this seems like what I wanted but I feel like you imght want -1 ssl +3 1 pointers ibrahim

JH- i think its all 3pt to help land the kill with punitive

DD- oh true punitive ok

JH- just makes you weak to a fake point mad dash or FTE also the combo kill is 100% dead if they get FBF or something then its punitive or scoring out

DD- whats fbf oh filter

JH- feedback yea filter

DD- who cares lol

JH- do you wanna just use that salim guy just to use him? im 100% down to just force cards into decks. you know that xD

DD- well I was gonna use him instead of chronos to see the hand and simultaneously get an extra damage maybe my deck isnt a punitive deck?

JH- hmmm

DD- cut the punitives and some of the money and bad ice and play ibrahim and more agendas

JH- ill cook something up. ill get back to you tomorrow

DD- cut breached dome idk

JH- black tree for id? or something else in mind?

DD- is PE out?

JH- i dont think so?

DD- I thought they put RP in the core or are both cores good

JH- this might look better to you

DD- attiude adjustment certainly seems better than the slot machine

JH- slot machine is a good ice seems worse until you play it with

DD- I kinda want an in between

JH- its one of those. gotta use it or play vs it to see how annoying it can be

DD- like the PE deck but with salems

JH- PE deck witha combo in there too

DD- yeah backdoor kill

JH- i can do that. ill link you something tomorrow. gotta go lay down. shoulders killin me from sunburn xD need to aloe and die in bed D:

DD- okay lol ty