Alphabetti Spaghetti Redux: 3-2 at Philly Regionals, 11th

Sanjay 3080

I played a version of this deck before, and after publishing it a bot farm voted for it until it was my most popular deck on NetrunnerDB. Kind of a weird experience.

Here is the same the two second video of the corp being mad at this deck from the initial write-up.

Recent Sunny performances say otherwise, but I had no faith in Sunny to set up any kind of meaningful board position post-Underworld Contact rotation, so if I can't have a meaningful board position, why should the corp? Jak Sinclair gives you a free run so run those central servers and blow up the world.

Individual card thoughts:

  • DJ Fenris was a lot of fun but I was 0-2 in games I installed him (once for Geist vs PE, once for Quetzal vs NBN), and 3-0 in games where I did not install him. I think cut that card and you are essentially playing a deck that went undefeated at Regionals.

  • Why is there a Black Hat in this deck? That card is garbage.

  • All other 48 cards in the deck are perfect.

Thank you as always for your kind indulgence.

24 Jul 2019 Cpt_nice

Every time someone plays Apocalypse in Sunny, I die a little inside

25 Jul 2019 Sanjay

@Cpt_niceDo you die per game played or per person who decides to play Apoc Sunny?