A rush job (6th @ Sheffield Regional)

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Standard MWL 3.4b
Standard MWL 3.4
Standard MWL 3.1
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None. Self-made deck here.
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Wude Wipeout* (10th from 38 at York Regional)
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HiddenAway 644

This deck was originally a BABW deck, before I realised that 6 bad pub is not healthy!

So, I ripped out the BABW specific cards and stuffed it with Outfit cards instead. It went 3-1 on the day losing to Aki's Adam deck and one win was a friendly after a 241 on the opposite side. I'm still happy with it because I did zero testing on this specific build. I had no time after buying train tickets and then figuring out alternatives when I realised the route was closed due to flooding...

Things of note:

You can cut the Roughneck Repair Squad if needed. I never used it and it's a safety valve of sorts.

There's no fast advance tool for closing because I expected Clot shaper to be everywhere and would prefer the space to go elsewhere. Tailor to your meta if needed, or just slam me for my deck building choice...

You will need an answer for Film Critic and possibly Net Mercur for MWL 3.3. Options include Under the Bus or Voter Intimidation. Tithonium is a good shout too. Contract Killer works well with Red Level!

The general idea is to score one or two of the Broad Daylights. This will give you a kill with any 2 point agenda score assuming you can win a single Punitive trace. It never panned out that way though because scoring SDS just gives you a window to rush out anyway.

Red Level Clearance is a good card. Unless you need the other options, always draw 2 first and assess (for example, if you draw into a Hostile Takeover, gain the click to install advance advance).

Now that I've published this deck, everyone will stop worrying about HHN, which most of my opponents were worried about as they faced this matchup!

Many thanks to paulyg for hosting the event!