Remodelled, Reduce, Renew, Recycle (unbeaten at Brno regs)

Krasty 269

This monster is sligthly modified @skry`s Reduce, Renew, Recycle (1st Philly Regional) deck. Read his description. I ended unbeaten with result of 5-0.

So how to pilot this deck? Just let runner do his/her stuff and wait until he/she sink in the mud. Than finish his/her pain. Easy as morning coffee.. :o)

Some videos will be added later. Specialy that one, where Percomis died at start of 2nd corp turn... that was so funny... :o)

4 Aug 2019 Longi

Hey man, as much as I do not enjoy playing against such a deck on tournament cannot argue the results! Well done and congrats on the standing.

4 Aug 2019 Krasty

Thanks and I understand you clearly @Longi .. if I am thinking in context so if NISEI didn`t use some ban hammer on this peace of sh*t, we need to find some weapon against!

9 Aug 2019 apo

@Krasty from ABR tournament page I see you've dodged Khumalo! Is there any other game plan against him :D ?