Bendy MaWMaxX

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My list was actually -1 Blorch +1 Kati Jones, which was a positive change. I used @osclate's lists as a starting point. I really like the flexibility of Engolo & disruption of Maw/Hacktivist so that's why I ultimately landed on this archetype over Patchwork or some other MaxX build.

Went 3-3 at San Diego for 8th place, wins against Outfit, Argus, & Hyoubu, losses to Argus, Azmari, & Gagarin all piloted by people in the top 4. Both the Argus & Azmari losses came down to the last turn & were very close, I don't think the matchups are bad. I never had to play 2nd Levy so maybe the format isn't slow enough to justify it. No One Home was great all day & relevant in every matchup, that slot felt great.