[2nd @ SoCal Regional] New Keyhole Hayley

enkoder 531

5 Aug 2019 enkoder

Hayley is such a powerhouse and I knew she would be a good call in a diverse meta. This is ultimately a lock deck where once you are fully set up, you have access to a seemingly infinite econ engine. Contest remotes with stimhack while applying pressure with Turning Wheel and then slam new keyhole and keep the corp pinned.

There's some interesting card choices here. PAD tap is one of my favorite cards that aligns with the goal of pressure and early econ. It typically goes down alongside a ProCo, Aesops, or Daily Casts and the corp will almost always trash it setting them back a click and 3C.

Instead of running clot, I decided to play Turntable because any good Titan deck right now will play 2-3 CVS with RLC. Turntable is good in almost every matchup so I went with the more flexible slot, and its also good in Titan if you can get it down in time.

This deck went 2-2 on the day taking down a Hyoubu, Azmari, and losing twice to Pat piloting Argus like an absolute mad man. Congrats on the win!! In hindsight it would have been very nice to play clot in the matchup vs Pat but Turntable also won me the game against Brian on EOL Azmari which I was certainly unfavored to win.

In terms of slot adjustments, I would drop the two tech writers which were only Aesops fodder on the day for a second Beth and a third Lady. For longer matchups you end up needing to save your clone chips for Lady and having another will enable you to be a little more liberal with em.

Overall had a great time at the SD regional and I am very fortunate to be able to compete with such amazing players and class act people.