Tempo NEH (1st Fresno Regional)

Grizzlefluff 201

This is basically the same Tempo NEH asset spam list I've been running for the past 6 months with Remastered Edition included because sometimes you want to feel like you're playing with Astro just a little bit. The deck goes fast, and with the right draws can put runners into an Amani bounce loop that is pretty hard to get out of if they aren't prepared for it. Ideally you want to set up some basic asset economy, and start scoring out of a remote as soon as you can. Once it gets going with a few of the econ pieces rolling and a team sponsorship or two, you can just chain your agendas over the next few turns while also setting the runner back with Amani bounces. Arella is definitely a win more card, but boy does it feel good to play with. I've never had the heart to cut it for something more reasonable.