Standard Pālanā (1st Hungarian Regionals)

fgcsem4n 92

Typical Pālanā, nothing special to see here. In the last days I changed the agenda suite as TugtetguT advised ( wich needed some cut, but it was really efficient. It went 5-0 (and an ID), beating Surfer Wu, Khumalo, Leela, Adam and Hayley. The last one was insanely close, but my opponent couldn't steal my double advanced Obokata from the remote (cause has already stolen one in the previous turn) and didn't find an agenda in HQ (1 of 4 cards) nor RnD, so I scored with the remaining 3 credits.

CZ/SK guys still best. :)

25 Aug 2019 Longi

Hey man, thanks for the shoutout :D