Tannhäuser (3rd Colorado Regionals, Undefeated)

greyfield 3615


My spin on Australian MaxX. All credit to the Scots and their mastery of knifey-spoony.

Changes are -3 TTW, -1 Rebirth, -3 Street Peddler, -1 MKUltra, +3 Inject, +2 I’ve Had Worse, +1 Levy AR Lab Access, +1 Retrieval Run, +1 Stargate, +1 Political Operative. Rationale:

  • Inject: Inject is a good card.
  • I’ve Had Worse: Colorado's meta has a lot of incremental-damage decks, Punitive Counterstrikes, etc. against whom I've Had Worse pays dividends. Plus, even with MaxX and Inject, I’m not infrequently clicking for draws to keep the Patchwork full.
  • Second Levy AR Lab Access: I am a cowardly coward who cowers. Plus see above re: incremental damage decks (Obokatas are very popular) and feeding the Patchwork.
  • Second Retrieval Run: While two ReRuns often mean they’re dead after the first Levy I’ll accept that over losing a game against rush/Argus because my Engolos & Corroders get milled and my ReRun is at the bottom of my deck.
  • Stargate: Stargate is nutso, especially in a meta with a not inconsiderable number of Snares!, hard-to-steal agendas, and Punitive Counterstrikes. It turns ice destruction up to overdrive, lets you pick your spots perfectly, and overall is awesome. The MU pressure is not inconsiderable but often your goal is to run solely on Stargate + Engolo + one of Corroder/MKU and trade out if needed.
  • Political Operative: A good catch-all that can be fed to Patches. It is the shameful 46th card which could just as easily be cut.

Weirdly the deck this feels reminiscent of is Sifr-Parasite Shaper; while obviously your ice destruction rig is much, much more expensive, it has the same feeling of spending much of the game making money and threatening the remote, and using your opponent’s hesitation to tear open R&D.

On the day it beat Sportsmetal combo, SSO glacier, and Palana glacier twice. Political Operative did nothing and could probably be cut. The deck felt exceptionally strong. Too bad my corp choice was poor and my luck was lackluster. Can't wait for Engolo to get restricted Monday!