Reinman v1.1 - Atman in Anarch

Thike 1193

I've never played an Atman deck, and I wanted to give it a try. Rather than do the normal Shaper version, I thought I'd give an Anarch version a try, given that that's where most of the support comes from, and it's my preferred faction. So far, it's going rather well. I'm able to put on a lot of early pressure thanks to the versatile breaker suite, and the potential for a lot of ICE destruction.

Notes on cards:

-Logos solves a lot of Anarch's consistency problems, to the point where I increased it from 2x. It might be overkill, but those tutors are great.

-Masanori is an untested addition in this version. I wanted card draw, so I'm giving him a whirl. He replaced 2x Bishop, which were there to keep higher ICE in Atman range. They may still be worth it, but I'm not convinced based on the decks I tried it against.

-Keyhole is amazing.

-Mimic for Swordsman.

-Djinn solves MU problems, mostly. Also tutors the 1x viruses.

Potential changes:

-Someone suggested 2x Atman and 1x Test Run. I'm considering giving it a whirl.

-The third Logos could be dropped, either for a Scavenge or 2x Quality Time. Scav is great with Atman, and QT addresses the lack of draw.

-Seriously, card draw. Anarch. Ugh.

I'm really liking where this deck is going, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

18 May 2014 steevo15

What's retrieval run for in this deck? Usually its to get out big breakers like morning star for cheap, but you don't really have anything that's more than 4 creds.

18 May 2014 Thike

Parasite and Atman recursion. Keep destroying ICE I don't like, or install over an Atman then reinstall it at a better strength.

18 May 2014 Deezal

I've been running a similar deck, which is still work in progress except I have Atman and Crypsis in the deck. We haven't got Honor and Profit at my game store yet, so I am not running Logos either, but its a nice little addition! I am just running Grimoire instead, until it comes out... :)

Retrieving from your heap....De ja vu does that well also, netting you 2 parasites or another virus if needed and though I agree with retrieval run not being probably the best for those targets...I see where you are it save you a click to install the program.... .I use it to retrieve Crypsis if needed

Your economy is a bit click intensive too, I'd consider dropping liberated accounts for some Gorman Drips they are also a virus and can be a handy little economy generator as the corp clicks for cards or creds... You would need to drop an atman or a logos to do it... but might be worth playing around with.

Just some thoughts and nice work :)

19 May 2014 Thike

Thinking about dropping a Lpgos for an Aesop's, Masanori for Wyldside and retooling the economy appropriately. Any thoughts? I've never used Wyldside before.

21 May 2014 Masterkira

HI ! my first change in this deck when i played it has been drop 2 masanori e 1 logos for 1 wyldside 1 aesop and 1 public simpathy. I think there's few protection against net and meat. But all the rest is very good ! good good deck !!! :D

21 May 2014 Thike

Thanks! Let me know how Wyldside works for you. I'm considering doing the same thing.