Megasports: Go Fast or Go Faster

branimated 456

I'm not going to Worlds this year, but if I were going, I would probably play this. It's no-nonsense HB horsepower with a classic "rush early, FA out" strategy, made possible by our newest pseudo 3/2.

This has been my go-to loaner deck for new/returning folks, and they've had a blast scoring out with it. Build a remote, jam good stuff in it, GO FOR THE GOAL!

Megaprix Qualifier is pretty good. In most games, it's not dissimilar to a 3/2 GFI. Sure, sometimes you find yourself scoring one, and you won't love it, but there are worse fates. I also like the 2x Hyperloop over a 4/2, because tempo, but I could see playing a Corporate Sales Team if you wanted another slot.

Have fun!