CTM’s still REAL to me, DAMMIT! - Chicago Regional -1st

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Cheers to:

-daine: through sheer will and determination he grew and fostered a thriving ANR scene in Chicago for 7 years. He left town by dropping his promo/mat/etc. collection on the regional today, leaving for greener pastures elsewhere. Bravo, and Godspeed.

-BraveLilToaster: some tough games in the cut. Good games as always, and best of luck with the incoming newborn!

-plural and tokaru: my WI running mates today. Appreciated the ride, the convos, the good cheer, the ‘no to-go’ meal, and the support.

-xerohour: bravo on being the last Runner standing in Indiana. At this rate, it will be just you and I, still, at Worlds 2029.

-Asher: some tough games, as always. Glad to catch up.

-cryptograham: pleasure meeting you. Always nice to meet a fan! (I have so few) Glad you could make an ANR vaca in CHI.

-any one else at the tourney: CHI has always had a funky scene, with fun players, interesting dex, and a dedicated crue. Always glad to swap war stories.

-my opponents: beat Wu, Val, Freedom, and 419 twice (in the cut), lost to Val. Deck has bested some of its hardest matchups online and IRL. Very resilient. (Inc. Consume Freedom, 419 Apoc or Reg, Anarch Apoc, MisD/Paricia, Val Mining)

22 Sep 2019 Tamijo

They only believe it's not good because that's the message we send out.

23 Sep 2019 ptc

As much as I despise CTM (purely because I've lost to it so many times and can't play it for shit), it's cool to see people are still tinkering with the old tried and true lists. I especially like the Mumba and Lady Liberty includes. The Hyrdra include is pretty out of left field. I generally avoid it due to it's total inefficacy once the runner decides to float tags but I guess that works in your favour since you're packing a sneaky Boom! to punish them for it. Very cool list.

23 Sep 2019 CryptoGraham

@hyper_turbo_ptc Once the runner float tags they take damage, you get money and then it ETRs. It's fantastic!

27 Sep 2019 Saan

I'll always remember you basically blowing out my terrible Patchwork Ayla with basically this deck at World's last year. I don't know what the hell I was thinking bringing that pile of mess to such a huge event, but you completely ruined me and were just very pleasant about it the entire time.

I love your continued work in the area of yellow murder decks, and I hope to see continued refinement in the future.

30 Sep 2019 spags


@hyper_turbo_ptcThe Hydra was a recent include. It’s very good at some point, esp. when you are swimming in cash a la Scrooge McDuck, and they go tagme/faceplant it.


@SaanWe had some great Worlds18 games that unfortunately had me coming out ahead on both, barely. The Ayla did surprise me, no doubt. Appreciate the kind words. Between this, Spark, and NEH, I’ve carried the torch for a lot of yellow kill the past year, and will so going forward (HMU for a nasty Eternal version of MOH NEH).