Dumpling Delivery Val - 1st in NISEI online tournament

cableCarnage 476


This is the runner deck I took the latest NISEI Online Standard tournament. As it was the first tournament where I could use the Uprising Booster cards, I decided to play decks that used as many of the new cards as possible.

This deck is a good stuff Val shell in which I have stuffed Swift and Mystic Maemi. This then changed some of my card choices by adding Wanton Destructions and Run Amoks. Essentially the deck plays like regular Val except that you often pay no credits for inject and Stimhack gives you back a click. A bit more about the stranger card choices:

Mystic Maemi - The deck plays enough events that suffering the 3 counter downside never happened. The card did not feel incredible though and might suffer from 46th card syndrome.

Swift - Is it as good as Turntable? Probably no. Is it good? Oh yes. To be honest the most valuable aspect might be getting the extra click when contesting remotes with Stimhack or Run Amok, especially in a Border Control meta. It also let's you Wanton Destruction for 4 cards which has a tendency to make sad corps. It is also very nice with just Dirty Laundry.

Run Amok - This event is somewhat overcosted but with Swift and Maemi you can get both credit and click discounts! It also helps contests rush before you find the breakers needed to contest.

Wanton Destruction - Being able to trash 4 cards from HQ makes this card worthwhile. You probably only want 2 though.

Falsified Credentials - I was expecting many glacier decks and I don't want to play fair at NGO or SSL.

I would like to thank NISEI for organising this tournament and all my opponents for the fun matches we played. Always be running.

23 Sep 2019 Longi

Hey man, really nice deck, congrats on the victory!

23 Sep 2019 sanjayshelat

This deck looks really good fun. So nice to see use of the new cards! :-)

I look forward to taking her for a spin soon!

Congrats on the win as well :-)

25 Sep 2019 analyzechris

I was sure I had a favorable matchup in the cut until I was wantoned for four cards and lost three agendas ^_^ Well played!