Tempo NEH - 1st at Stevenage Regional

AndytheLovell 464

6-0 beating Adam, 419, Hayley and Liza in swiss then Leela and 419 in the cut. My runner was card for card Chris Dyer's Freedom list which was super fun and went 4-1.

Architect was a late inclusion and was super clutch on the day with people seemingly expecting more plain ETR ice out of NEH. The AR also pulled a lot of weight and I would consider trying it as a 3x dropping SIU and a Remastered for slots.

I didn't play vs any Apoc or Freedom on the day so take the result with a pinch of salt as Freedom especially is an incredibly bad match up.

29 Sep 2019 HedgeFundHedges

Architect MVP.

30 Sep 2019 emilyspine

Congrats on the win Andy!

1 Oct 2019 AndytheLovell