Questionable Choices Sunny (top 8 Belgian Nats)

Cpt_nice 1427

Not much to see her, just my patented Aumakua Sunny Shenanigans. With Worlds around the corner I mostly felt like testing, so I made a few questionable changes. I dropped Shrike, leaving Sherman as the sole Sunny breaker (which I didn't use once all weekend), and I ended up struggling vs Tour Guide. Lesson learned. I also dropped 1 Interdiction for an Office Supplies but as Jackmade pointed out, having one in a fifty card deck is a bit silly. Will need to figure that out.

The deck lost in swiss vs Mirrormorph (outsped) and RP (definitely could have won this game but I didn't expect a Vulnerability Audit in the remote). It won vs NEH, Acme and Palana. It lost in the cut in a close game vs Titan. And won every casual game played this weekend.

Now time to add some last minute spice for Worlds. See you all there!