Regionals 2014 Toruń (2nd place): TWIY For Profit

Inermis 699

TWIY For Profit

Regionals 2014 Toruń

2nd place


vs Gabe win

vs Chaos T lose

vs Gabe win

vs Silhouette win

vs Andromeda win

top 8:

vs Chaos T win

vs Gabe win

vs Andromeda lose

18 May 2014 mplain

Do you use Biotic for the combo somehow? Or only for regular fast-advancing?

18 May 2014 Inermis

For combo also. To score Beale for 3pts out of hand with combo you need either 1 astro token, or biotic, or jackson on the table. Also if jackons is trashed, then you can biotic, interns -> jackson, and combo (with astro token)

18 May 2014 Ajar

So do you generally Fast Track near the beginning of the game to hit your first Astro?

19 May 2014 Inermis

I only use FT for first astro if I have Biotic and I am sure I can score next Turn.. But I also try to score from the table the frist agenda. Sometimes It can be Beal or NAPD, depends on the runner.

19 May 2014 Skragnarok

Paper Wall over Wraparound?