Standard "7 at once" Sportsmetal

Pox22 16

Since getting back into netrunner some time ago, I wanted to play with my favorite ID out of R&R--Sportsmetal. With the right setup, it can produce crazy turns that rival the worst of what CI-Moon decks were capable of. With Arella Salvatore, Team Sponsorships, and Calibration Testings, you can clicklessly score long your credits hold. Breaker Bay Grid makes that all free, though!

I'm going with this set-up because it does not depend on the runner stealing a bunch of agendas to power up Fast Break and Game Changer. Against Film Critic or strategies that dump agendas in archives and steal them all at once, this deck needs to be able to score out when Fast Break and Game Changer aren't functioning as you want them to.

I haven't been able to test this much, as my wife has less free time than I do. :) One concern I have is the rotation of Shipment from Mirrormorph--hence the full playset of Fast Break and Advanced Assembly Lines, and 2 Jeeves. The dream setup requires Arella, an agenda (with more in hand), 2 Team Sponsorships, and 2 Calibration Testing. I'm also wondering if some utility like Archived Memories would be a better use for the Domestic Sleepers slot--not sure!

Thanks for any thoughts or feedback!