Only Slightly Bent (1st place Thessaloniki Regionals)

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So since everyone is having fun at worlds this weekend I decided to publish the deck I won't be attending Wolrds with. (New family member brought love and threw a wrench at my plans)

Pretty short description.

alt text

Corp player with an HQ full of agendas

For the most part pretty standard Gang Sign deck. As soon as The Class act and blueberry diesel came out I thought I wanted to try a gang sign deck because of the acceleration it will be getting during set up. Together with Fisk investment seminar it is a draw of 27 cards (plus filtering) from the 40 that are left in the deck after draw and mulligan, so the engine WILL get online pretty fast. Enter Logos for even more consistency.

The deck is rounded with economy and good cards. 2x Beth for extra clicks and faster set up and works perfect with Peace in our time too! PAD Tap is for the most part annoying for the corp costs tempo. DDoS and Inside Job is the combo that is going to rip apart the Corps board state after the first agenda score. After that efficient breakers (you don't really care about Tycoon giving money to the corp with PAD Taps and Beth) and OMG Aumakua triggers with each separate Gang Sign Access!

Some plays. Try to play Fisk Investment on Scoring Rounds or after them. Double up with DDoS Inside job after they end up with 5 cards in HQ or after scoring (for example into HQ) Initially sit back and set up but there are games that you will need to go aggressive with runs especially if you manage to load Aumakua pretty early in the game. Absolutely overinstall The Class Act with ever more Class if you want to find your parts.

Decks drawbacks and possible deck optimizations.

The deck needs a Sneakdoor Beta. With all the draw I would even go to 46 cards. Next in asset spam heavy meta you need a Ms Bones. I would not drop a Class act for it but maybe the 3rd Inside Job or Daily Casts.

PS: The deck name is of course a loan from the Cultrure novels, a spaceships name. If you never read one of those go on and do so, amazing literature. Corp deck was Gunboat Diplomat, pretty standard Argus deck

5 Oct 2019 BizTheDad

OK, this deck is stupidly good...