We barely made it! (32th NISEI Worlds)

ayyyliens 503

A basic compile Hayley deck that carried me to a 32th place at Worlds!

Started of with a lot of splits and even got swept, but managed to win all my games in the afternoon placing me in 73th place being the very last player in day 2. At day 2 I won 3 out of 4 games granting me the last playmat in position 32!

Beating: Azmari, Argus, Outfit, Special Outfit (you know who you are!), Grindy Palana

Losing: Blue Sun, Azmari, Blue sun, SSO

Congrats to Pinsel for winning the tournament, Ryanbantwins for representing Belgium in the cut and all of the belgium crew for the fun weekend!

See you all at German Nationals!

7 Oct 2019 M0H4WK

Congratulations with your deck/placement/mat. I will try it out and probably fail with it! Cheerz!

7 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

Good job!

8 Oct 2019 RvdH83

I'm not sure I like the lack of Feedback Filter. What are your thoughts?

8 Oct 2019 ayyyliens

@RvdH83 Not having FF was a risk. I faced no PE or IG so I got lucky with that one. I don't think you really need it for the Palana matchup. My last game of day 2 was against a Palana with fetals, snares, obo, loop, kakugo,.. Careful hand management all game and stargate kept me in. I decided to go with 3x Paricia's instead because I expected a lot of NEH. Instead I had to play versus weyland and really felt I could use an Inti as barriers kept taxing me on lady counters/Brahman reinstalls.

15 Oct 2019 vesper

A well earned mat and a pleasure to see you again, good sir :) Until we meet again ;D